Certifications – “Don’t leave home without them”

Borrowing from a quote from American Express really does fit the scenario as a business owner. I see certification(s) as being similar of having a credit card…you do not think that you will need it until a situation arises.

Here is a prime example. You are attending a business affair or conference and you are speaking with a representative from a corporation, company, or business that you have finally gotten a chance to “pitch” your business. The conversation is going well, and your listener is very interested in what you are saying. At the end of the conversation, your listener inquires if your company is certified. Are you standing there like a deer caught in the headlights and wondering what is a certification?

Be prepared with knowledge about the various certifications available to you. Do your research and select the certification(s) that best fit your business needs. With all things being equal (price, quality, deliverables) when going after a contract, the certification(s) may be your best differentiator.