Reinventing Myself

Since business has slowed down, I have taken time to re-evaluate what it is I want for myself.  I took for granted that I had a consistent revenue stream from my business.  But this current economic situation has caused a shift in my thinking.  What was once fine for my business model is no longer relevant.  It is not that I am reinventing the wheel, I am tweaking it a little. 

I revisited my 5-year-old website and realized it was very outdated.  So, I had it revamped.  Also, recently I have joined organizations that are in alignment with my business goals.  I have attended many webinars and Zoom virtual conferences that are educational, as well as, attended a workshop in person (they were excellent in following state requirements for safety).  

The actions that I have taken are worth the time and money to keep my business on track.